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I am having A Day.

It started last night, when I realized that the homework I had thought was due on Thursday was, in fact, due today. This sucks, because even though it is for my night class, I needed groceries. So, okay, instead of being able to relax a little between my morning and evening classes, I will have to stay busy. No big deal.

I get home from morning class. A necklace I got off of Etsy has arrived! I am super excited and immediately put it on. And... it breaks. Turns out one of the rings of the chain wasn't quite closed enough. NO PROBLEM. I have pliers! I fix the necklace and run out to get groceries.

I am FLYING through the aisles. I get what I need in record time. I go up to the checkout lane. And... I realize I left my wallet at home. NO PROBLEM! I live close by, so I stash my cart with the nice lady at customer service and run home to retrieve my wallet.

As I'm going out to my car, I realize that the good luck key chain my sister bought me in Japan has broken, and the little red man is missing. "I am no longer protected from evil spirits!" I text my sister. Then I get into my car, put the key into the ignition and...

IT'S LOCKED UP (curse you, evil spirits!). My ignition does this every once in awhile. I sit in my car for a few minutes trying to get the key to turn. In desperate times, I pray to John Paul II, since he is not yet a saint (will be April 2nd!) and he is my go-to man because I figure he isn't as busy as God or the other saints.

"Please God," I mutter "Please John Paul II-"

Before I could even FINISH, the ignition turned. YAY! I return home and manage to lug all the heavy groceries up to my apartment in one trip.

Now I am cooking my lunch and will shortly start my homework. I should be able to finish in time, if nothing else goes wrong. (KNOCK ON WOOD)


Tonight, a sign on a local bar read:


I was extremely amused. Also.


Sources: Here and here.


I can't believe they haven't canceled classes. The roads are horrible; it's snowing so steadily that the plows can't keep up. The bus had to detour this morning due to an accident. We are on track to get over a foot of snow. It is hard to tell how much we have now since there is so much blowing and drifting. If it stays this bad, I don't know if I am going to venture out for my evening class, regardless if the university decides to close down.

We learned about PERT charts today in class. That class (Information Systems Analysis and Design) is always difficult for me to get into. Not only is it a morning class (I am most decidedly NOT a morning person), but it is extremely technical and the professor has a fairly thick Chinese accent. When you take those factors one at a time it's not so bad; it's just the sum of the parts that make that class torture for me. Today's class started no differently, but by the end when we were actually going through a mock PERT chart and working on reducing the time spent on the critical path(s), I was really into it. I understood what was going on and it was really cool.

That's kind of why I like the technical stuff. It may give me a headache, but when I *get* it, the feeling is such a high. And it may be my OCD, but putting things in a logical and set order/pattern is really fun to do.


Dear John Doe

Tonight, I was in the drive-thru lane of a fast food joint. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a homeless-looking type of person shambling over to my car. Here we go, I sigh to myself.

"Miss. MISS!" he intones. At first, I ignore him, but he starts TAPPING on my WINDOW. I roll it down half an inch. The gentleman asks me for 50 cents, so he can make a phone call. Despite my better judgment, I check my car's change holder. Nothing is there, and I never carry cash on me, just debit and credit cards. I inform him of this.

"You don't have 50 cents," he says incredulously. I reiterate what I had just told him. He glares at me and walks away.

Sir, YOU are the one walking up to the car of a complete stranger and harassing her for change, then giving her a hard time when she finds herself in the same situation as you (changeless). I am not the asshole in this situation.

This is why I do not like going out after dark.

Although, I wonder how well this little trick will work in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Midland. I envision three scenarios:

1. I make a killing in quarters and have enough money to do my laundry for two months (SUCCESS);

2. People hand me their cellphones and say, "Here, use this to make a call." (FAIL);

3. The rent-a-cops are informed of what I am doing and I get kicked off the premises, or have the actual cops called on me, depending on how bitchy people are feeling that night. (FAIL... but interesting story to tell my grandkids).

Knowing Midland like I do, I'm banking (ha!) on 2 or 3.



Holy crap.

With the end of the school semester, I suddenly find myself with a lot of free time. So I decided to give the show, Fringe a try.

Two episodes in and I am already freaking out.

It's, like, The X-Files on steroids. J.J. Abrams is behind it. You know how he revamped the Star Trek franchise by making it faster, bigger and more explody? Yeah, same deal.

Two episodes in and I have already seen some guy's jaw rot right off of him in the pilot episode, which starts like, "Holy shit, a plane full of zombies". Forget snakes. A. Plane. Full. Of. Zombies.

And then, AND THEN. An old-man-baby clawed his way out of some girl's stomach. ASDFGHJKL.

One of the characters is this crazy old scientist guy. And the actor playing him seemed so familiar, so I looked him up. He is John Noble, aka, Denathor, aka Boromir's and Faramir's lousy excuse for a father in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Oh, and there is also this one chick with a robotic arm. Does that make her a cyborg? GAH.

To summarize, this show is awesome, and if you are a fan of the genre (Supernatural fans on my f-list, I am talking to you) definitely check it out.

Crafty Cat

My cat has somehow figured out how to open the cupboard doors. She would not tell me how when I asked her, even after I chased her around the apartment for five minutes. I'm worried I will have to get some of those baby-safety products. I have chemicals in the cupboards under both sinks. There are also larger holes cut out for the pipes, big enough for a kitty to squeeze into to explore, if she should choose to. And knowing my cat, this is a real concern.


So a Californian named John Marcotte was upset when Prop 8 passed. He's now attempting to get his own ban passed...

Here is the website. The comments on there are freaking hilarious.

Wish I lived in California.
Kind of ironic that I titled this post with a song from a movie about a chocolate factory.

I've decided I need to start to be healthier. I have put on some extra poundage recently, and have finally reached my breaking point. I'm not getting any younger, and I figure I should take advantage of my metabolism while I still have it. I'm not going to start off radically, since I think I would quickly lose my drive. But here is how I figure it is going to go.

PHASE ONE: For breakfast, a bowl of cereal. Eat one hot meal a day, at lunch. For supper, have a cold-cut sandwich. If I am going to snack, it will be before 4pm. After that time, I am only allowed to have the sandwich or a healthy snack, like baby carrots, fruit or yogurt. Try to avoid using the elevator and take stairs instead.

PHASE TWO: Cut WAY down on the Diet Coke. Drink water instead. Try to walk to and from school, as the weather permits.

PHASE THREE: Learn to cook and cut down my indulgence meals (read: frozen food) to once or twice a week.

Started phase one today, phase two will begin sometime after finals as the last two or three weeks of the semester is not an ideal time to go through caffeine withdrawal. I hope that by posting my plan here, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, it will keep me feeling obligated to stay on track. I will need this motivation since I have been self-medicating through food pretty much all my life, which makes the stress of dieting insanely difficult.



They say that no one will buy the cow if they get the milk for free. But isn't it also true that you shouldn't buy a car before you take it for a test drive?



I have had pretty poor internet connection since I moved to Milwaukee. It would let me browse for a little while, then inform me that my network cable was unplugged. It would take several minutes before I could get reconnected. And sites like Facebook never worked properly.

I finally talked Time Warner into sending someone out to check to see what was wrong. And wouldn't you know it? There was a problem with their equipment. Which, you know, I had been telling them since, like, June.

In laymen's terms, it turns out the problem was they had the connection to my room was limited to 64 units of information per session. Which isn't very much at all. So when those 64 items had been used up, I would get booted off. The tech changed it to "unlimited", which is what it should've been in the first place. He also found out that the building's bandwidth allotment had yet to be upgraded, so he fixed that as well.

So now I can browse the internet without getting kicked off every five minutes and everyone in the building can enjoy download speeds that are twice as fast.